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Espina Real Estate Group's mission is to provide an excellent assistance for our clients that is seeking an advice in purchasing, selling, investing in real estate properties. We have a long-term view of mutual development with the clients and assures you that we will be go above and beyond to help our clients reach their goal of purchasing a property.

Seeking a streamlined estate experience?

Bernadette Espina (Director) has been working extensively for 12 years+ and already knows the ins and outs of the industry. She will provide an extraordinary assistance in terms of dealing with builders, developers, solicitors and brokers. Bernadette and the team can make your dream property a reality!

Our approach

Our approach is distinguished by the experience, creating relationship, building support, and dedication to satisfy the needs of the client. Over the past 12 years, we have been consistently professional and honest about what assistance can we offer to our clients. We always make sure that we protect our integrity and reputation. Our number one formula here is professionalism and honesty.

Why Espina Real Estate Group is THE perfect choice?

Our primary emphasis as a real estate business is on ‘You.’ Through our knowledge and expertise, we make sure that you are always well taken care of. We have a team that supports you along the way and build a long-term relationship. We can guarantee that we give our best effort, dedication and create a strategic plan that suits to our client’s need.



We don't just assist our clients in making sound real estate investment decisions. We empower them to make decisions that are in line with their financial objectives. We prepare them to deal with any business dynamics that will arise in the future.


Wide marketing network

We have a responsive working relationship with the top listing sites and builders in Melbourne. It distinguishes itself from other real estate firms. Because of our vast scope, we are the ideal option for first home buyers and property investors. We develop a great network and cooperate with top notch solicitors and builders.


Professional competence

Our experts have unrivalled service quality and industry expertise. It means that we go above and beyond to assist our clients in making informed choices. Moreover, our team performs a comparative market analysis to estimate property's worth.

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Consistent service

Our service effectiveness extends from property assessment to property management to post-service follow-ups. Our streamlined, transparent services expedite the process as simple and effective as possible. Our top-notch intermediate negotiation process and consultation services on the latest market conditions, legal requirements, and prices ensure fair and honest dealing.

Purchasing property can be a risky venture, but it can be your most lucrative investment with proper planning and direction. Espina Real Estate Group has the necessary skills, expertise, and experience to assist you in maximising the return on your real estate investment.

Identifying the correct type of buyers is critical to a profitable sale. It necessitates a unique collection of skills that can only be acquired by practice. We specialise in all forms of real estate in Melbourne, whether you want to purchase or sell an apartment for rent, villa, commercial property, or warehouses.

It is worth remembering that we are well-versed in the legal ramifications and procedures of selling and purchasing Melbourne land. Allow us to assist you every step along the way to guarantee you get the most out of your investment. We determine our family, like clients’ needs and financial situations, to propose a solution that best suits them.

Our dependable market analysis team will include the most recent and up-to-date real estate’s data, such as residential sales and leasing transactions, off-plan sales and valuation data, and our expert opinion on realistic prices across critical areas in Melbourne.

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The importance of location cannot be overstated. You’ve probably heard that before. But that’s because, for the most part, that’s what real estate is all about. Our services are not limited to resale homes and apartments; we also excel in new construction and know which projects to prioritise and exclude. Our real estate experts have the local expertise, qualifications, and experience to assist you with the real estate process. We will help you achieve your realty goals, whatever they may be, from property searching and cost negotiations, and legal paperwork. Let us get you commenced; your dream home is out there waiting for you, and we can’t wait to help you reach it. Just

• Choose location
• Choose design
• Handover of the property

This is how smooth and straightforward our process is!

The Leasing Service is designed for landlords who need help seeking the best-suited tenant but want to handle the property and tenant themselves. When determining the rental value of an investment property, we consider the factors that contribute to the home being leased quickly. This provides a comparison of nearby comparable properties, existing vacancies, and inquiry levels. Obtaining a reasonable rental price means that the property is rented as soon as possible to maximise the annual rental income. Our team will be pleased to handle your investment with your specific needs in mind, and we are delighted to deliver a convenient solution to all new clients.
Our Property Leasing services are tailored to our client’s specific requirements. We handle tenant inquiries and needs through a dedicated call centre. We have categorised our services into three phases based on a traditional rental model.

1. Thoroughly screening properties based on our customers’ interests, budget, and needs and assisting them at every point.
2. Coordination of viewing appointments and managing paperwork and legal documents after the property has been purchased.
3. Performing renovations on-demand, as well as offering round-the-clock customer support and maintenance solutions.

We help secure tenants’ interests while offering unparalleled customer support before and after the lease signing, and we provide long-term and short-term leasing solutions. We facilitate the experience as quickly and comfortably as possible, from the first viewing to move-in day and beyond. A certified specialist leasing team leases the units. Experience brings skills, which you can
rely on as we become your partner in achieving your company’s goals and objectives.

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Espina Real Estate is serious in terms of taking care of their clients. The team guided me all throughout the process. We were regularly much updated of what was happening and they were easy to talk to. They are willing to go above and beyond just to secure the client’s property! Thank you so much!                                   
by Nadine Bacud
Bernadette was really helpful, even my conveyancer told me that she’s the only agent he knew who assists clients as much as she does. For us, the beginning wasn’t easy as we started during the pandemic, but she stood by our side to make it possible. We’re only halfway through but she deserved
by Maria Cindy Javier Dela Cruz
Hello, I'd like to suggest Espina Real Estate. The team assisted me in selling my home and constructing a new one. These professionals are highly recommended for those looking to buy or sell a home. Thank you for your time and consideration, and best wishes. God bless every one of you.
by Hilario Laconsay
Espina Real Estate Group is a competent agent, who's customer service is foremost at the front line of their work, transitioning between builders, brokers and agents for queries was a breeze. They were very helpful during tough periods of application, answering odd hours of phone calls. Highly recommended!
by Sheena Villa
The best real estate we ever had.. thank you very much for the support from the start till the end. We are so lucky to have Bernadette Espina as our agent. She will be by your side until you move in all the suggestions and ideas you shared with us are so helpful.
by Melody Estrella Rioflorido
Espina Real Estate went beyond and above what they promised from the beginning, ensuring the best possible result for our construction. We had a pressing problem with our contractor the day before the handover, and Espina Real Estate came through for us. I highly recommend Espina Real Estate, and I must offer credit where credit is due.
by Eva Villanueva

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